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The good and the bad (and everything in between)

If we’re not building a theatre that can hold the contradictions of our time, let alone the contradictions that make humans human, we probably shouldn’t be making theatre.

By Cole Lewis, , Patrick Blenkarn / Jan 25, 2024
iPhoto caption: Photo by Francisco Castro Pizzo.

REVIEW: asses.masses is an endurance performance that takes boredom as its subject

By the sixth or seventh hour, I indeed felt like a worker at the factory of cultural production. I began to ask myself if the demands of the job were too high, if the compensation was fair, and if I felt fulfilled or alienated from working for the proverbial man.

By Gabrielle Marceau / Sep 28, 2023

Virtual vs. Visceral

Our entire lives are screens, if you think about it. You’re reading this on a screen. The sum total of human knowledge is found behind a screen. Our entertainment, our news, and how we tell people what is going on in our lives—all on screens.

By Dane Shumak / Jul 2, 2016