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Why Not Theatre

REVIEW: Inside the babes-in-arms performance of the audacious Universal Child Care

As a new parent, I was thrilled at the prospect of returning to the theatre and introducing my baby to what, at one time, used to take up two or three nights a week of my life.

By Kaitlyn Riordan / Mar 1, 2024
Men and women kneel and sit on stage in red and white robes. iPhoto caption: Photo by David Cooper

REVIEW: Mahabharata at Why Not Theatre/Shaw Festival/Barbican

From top to tail, this production is a stellar example of the quality that can come from taking your time.

By Jessica Watson / Mar 13, 2023

REVIEW: Moby Dick at Plexus Polaire/Harbourfront Centre/Why Not Theatre

The sheer visual artistry of this production was unlike anything I’ve ever seen, to the point where I found myself questioning who — and what — was real.

By Jessica Watson / Dec 19, 2022
iPhoto caption: The cast of Don Valley Girls (left to right): Andie Hong, Mona Hersi, Rabiya Mansoor, Fateema Al-Hamaydeh Miller, and Surer Qaly Deria.

REVIEW: Don Valley Girls at Why Not Theatre/RISER

I returned to my DVP-adjacent home wishing there was a DVP-themed bar in the city. I would go to that bar.

By Jessica Watson / Apr 22, 2022