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Invisibility cloaks, cardboard rockets, and flying orbs of light: Here’s how Canadian theatre uses the art of magic

In many ways, theatre artists and magicians have the same job. We push the bounds of a live experience to startle audiences into confronting their realities. We aim to tell stories that linger. For a magician, there’s no such thing as “it can’t be done.” It can always be done, one way or another.

By Michael Kras / Mar 1, 2024

REVIEW: Jasmine Case astonishes as a wordless slave in Young People’s Theatre’s Truth

Truth is a must-see for children and parents wanting to learn more about the American Civil War and all the baggage it implies.

By Aisling Murphy / Feb 5, 2024

It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play makes theatre magic with… celery

This holiday season, Toronto’s Young People’s Theatre echoes with sounds of laughter, wonder — and celery.

By Nathaniel Hanula-James / Dec 1, 2023

Young People’s Theatre kicks off the holiday season with It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

Directed by YPT artistic director Herbie Barnes, the show transports audiences back to the era of 1940s radio plays, complete with Foley sound effects and retro jingles.

By Aisling Murphy / Nov 20, 2023