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Zorana Sadiq

iPhoto caption: Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

REVIEW: Armadillos at Factory Theatre

Tough skin, soft belly: it makes sense Colleen Wagner has named her latest play after such a selectively vulnerable creature.

By Aisling Murphy / Jun 13, 2023

REVIEW: Wildfire at Factory Theatre

Wildfire’s content and its structure are tangled such that explaining either in too much detail will spoil the other.

By Aisling Murphy / Jun 4, 2022
iPhoto caption: Karen Hines. Photo by David Leyes.

In Conversation: Karen Hines

“The show must go on” is not true. We could have laid this one to bed. But I think it’s been a real treat for us to rally around this little project, embrace this humble medium, and make something.

By Robyn Grant-Moran / Apr 3, 2020