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2019 In Photos: Best of Dahlia Katz

/ Dec 18, 2019

“Photo by Dahlia Katz” is a staple phrase in the Toronto theatre scene. The freelance professional and Intermission resident photographer sure is a powerhouse of pictures, and we’re grateful to her for keeping Intermission’s Spotlight series looking sharp. Our Spotlight series takes a closer look at the life, career, and creative drive behind some of Toronto’s most celebrated theatre artists. They are testaments to the diversity and depth of the Toronto theatre community, beautifully brought to life by Dahlia’s unique lens. Let’s look back on some of her best from 2019—and make sure to check out the articles for more great shots. We love you Dahlia!

Spotlight: Jani Lauzon

Spotlight: Walter Borden

Spotlight: Peggy Baker

Spotlight: Hailey Gillis

Spotlight: Daniel Brooks

Spotlight: Erin Shields

Spotlight: Mike Ross


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