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Canadians Abroad

iPhoto caption: Eve Best and Clive Owen in Roundabout Theatre's production of Our Times (2015). Photo by Joan Marcus.

The Understudy

Every working actor on Broadway nods conspiratorially when you say you’re “covering” for another actor.

By Carly Street / Feb 8, 2017
iPhoto caption: Fix & Foxy's A Doll's House. Photo by Per Morten Abrahamsen

Foreign and Familiar

Even if Canada has a higher volume of contemporary French plays, our reliance on old translations of classic texts is troubling.

By Lucy Rose Coren / Dec 5, 2016
iPhoto caption: Photo by Matthew Murphy

The Love Story Behind Come From Away

Irene Sankoff and David Hein, the married couple behind Come From Away, have their own writing style: “I heard someone say that writing is fighting. We like to write in a coffee shop. Because there are witnesses.”

By Richard Ouzounian / Nov 24, 2016

In Case We Disappear in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the largest arts festival in the world. I went on my own, to survive it.

By Vanessa Smythe / Sep 1, 2016