Spotlight: Seana McKenna

The recipient of an Order of Canada and winner of a clutch of theatre awards — not to mention a mountain of critical bouquets — during her four decades onstage, Seana McKenna is routinely referred to as one of the country’s finest actors. But she refuses to coast on her reputation.

Three faces on a red background: (left to right) André Sills, Andrea Rankin, and Chanakya Mukherjee. All three actors are past or current members of the Birmingham Conservatory. Thier greyscale images are translucent on a vibrant red background. Superimposed on the image is Stratford's symbol — a large, script-like white "S."

To Train, or Not to Train: Exploring Stratford’s Birmingham Conservatory

It’s hard to find anyone living in Canada who hasn’t at least heard of the Stratford Festival. As the largest classical repertory theatre in North America, the internationally recognized festival offers more than a dozen shows every year across four venues. But incredible staged Shakespeare productions aren’t the only artistic opportunities the festival offers. For … Continued

When the Playwright Goes Prose: In Conversation with Haley McGee

My process with solo shows involves sharing bits of text with audiences when I don’t really know where it’s going, or how it’s going to end. I’m pivoting myself to the responses from the audience — I sniff out where I want to go, and how I want to shape the piece. Through creating solo shows, I discovered how much I love this direct, unfettered relationship with an audience.

Spotlight: Soheil Parsa

In a life already full of fascinating chapters, Soheil Parsa has turned another page. Early this summer, Parsa stepped down as co-artistic director of Modern Times, the theatre company he co-founded three decades ago with Peter Farbridge. The “dream” now for Parsa, as he characterizes it, is to work as a freelance director, liberated from fundraising and administrative responsibilities.