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In Conversation: Sara Topham

"I had a little break before Shaw rehearsals started, and so my husband and I went to France to do the Joan pilgrimage."

Interview by Maija Kappler / Jun 9, 2017
Eda Holmes iPhoto caption: Eda Holmes

Spotlight: Eda Holmes

Eda Holmes takes a unique approach to storytelling that incorporates her interest in rarely told points of view as well as her background as a dancer.

By Catherine Kustanczy, Photography by Dahlia Katz / Jul 14, 2016
iPhoto caption: Jeff Lillico and Jay Turvey (Shaw Festival, 2004)

Six Excellent Eda Holmes Plays

Eda Holmes has a ton of excellent shows under her belt. Here are six of the most memorable shows she's directed.

Jul 14, 2016