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Acting Normal

How do actors cope when it feels like the world is ending?

By Maija Kappler / Jan 22, 2017

If You Stand for Nothing,

What Will You Fall For?

Mike Pence could learn a lot from Hamilton, if he bothered to pay attention.

By Maija Kappler / Nov 19, 2016

Presidential Dress-Up

When Donald Trump tied a double Windsor knot into his red power tie and considered the consequences of his winning, did he feel scared? Does his future frighten him as much as it does me?

By Justin Miller / Nov 18, 2016
Morro and Jasp State of Emergency iPhoto caption: Photo by Alex Nirta

State of Emergency / Speech to the People

People pretending to be clowns and creeping around our schools, forests, and cities: We beg you to stop. It's hard enough to be a clown in this world. 

By Morro and Jasp / Oct 14, 2016