Announcing Intermission’s New Theatre Critic: Lynn Slotkin

We are excited to announce that Lynn Slotkin of The Slotkin Letter is coming on board as Intermission’s first theatre critic.

“I’m joining Intermission because it’s a publication I believe in and is important in giving voice to different ideas concerning theatre,” says Lynn, a passionate theatre critic, interviewer, adjudicator, and commentator. She adds, with a touch of humour: “And Phil Riccio is a persuasive charmer.”

Lynn hopes that this partnership will expand her theatre audience and that it will introduce her subscribers to Intermission, a situation she calls a win-win.

Working with Intermission will “challenge me to write my reviews in a different way, not the formula of ‘the story,’ ‘the production,’ and ‘the comment,’” says Lynn. “It will be all of a piece. And it will be nice to have an editor with eagle eyes.”

Lynn was theatre critic for CBC Radio’s Here and Now from 2000 to 2011, and since then has been theatre critic for the radio program CIUT Friday Morning. Over the past forty-five years of working in the industry, she’s been published in American Theatre MagazineEye WeeklyThe Globe and MailToronto Star, and other publications.

Since 2001, Lynn has been running theatre “salons,” where she and a group of theatre lovers go to a show and then meet afterwards to discuss the production.

Lynn sees about 280 shows a year in Canada, the US, and internationally.

Curious about why we felt it was time to bring on a critic? Read publisher Philip Riccio’s statement here.



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