Announcing Our New Team

Left to right: Bailey Green, Kasey Dunn, Lauren Toffan

We’re thrilled to announce Bailey Green, Kasey Dunn and Lauren Toffan are joining the Intermission team

Bailey Green is joining the team as our new Editor-in-Chief. She is an actor, writer and editor originally from St. Lazare, Québec. She’s a Shakespeare BASH’d company member and covered theatre in Toronto for the past 5 years with In the Greenroom. She has an excessive amount of books on hold with the Toronto Public Library.

Our new Manager of Creative Strategy and Development is Kasey Dunn. Kasey is a business owner, theatre artist and arts entrepreneur. She and her business partner Vikki Velenosi run Brick and Mortar, which offers affordable studios, theatres, equipment, staff and everything else artists need to ‘make it.’ When not cuddling cats, Kasey enjoys other cat lady behaviours like knitting and being antisocial.

And our Associate Editor is Lauren Toffan. Lauren currently studies Journalism with a focus on broadcast radio, television and writing for the web. Before switching her career path to journalism, Lauren was deeply involved in the theatre community as an actor, producer and writer. Her proudest achievement in life is her ability to impersonate Britney Spears almost as well as Britney Spears herself.

Our new team members are honoured to build upon the legacy created by our former co-editors in chief May Antaki and Maija Kappler. Intermission has become an important platform for artists and companies to connect with audiences. We are excited to add three passionate and talented women to lead Intermission in its next chapter.

Working with our new team we will continue to cover Canadian theatre in the brave, informative and creative way our readers have come to expect and work with the community to ensure that Intermission is around for many years to come, inspiring people to see more theatre.   


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