Hot Off the Press: The Making of St. Jerome

Reading plays is not only for actors who need monologues for auditions or for producers in search of their next show. It’s for theatre lovers who can’t get out to the theatre, or who’ve heard about a play that’s not being presented in their city, or who want to return to a story they loved watching unfold on stage. It’s for anyone who feels like they don’t have the time to read novels, or who skim over the long descriptions in novels to get to the dialogue. Reading plays is for anyone who likes to read.

The Making of St. Jerome, written by Marie Beath Badian, premiered at Toronto’s Next Stage Theatre Festival in 2010. Directed by Nina Lee Aquino, it got four Ns from NOW Magazine and was nominated for three Dora Awards: Outstanding Direction, Outstanding Performance by a Male in a Leading Role, and Outstanding Original Set Design. Bruce DeMara of the Toronto Star called it “a perceptive script by Marie Beath Badian, which doesn’t seek to point fingers but rather tries to deconstruct a complex and highly charged event through the eyes of society, the mass media and the individuals affected.”

About the Play

When Jason De Jesus’s younger brother Jerome is the victim of a senseless shooting, Jason’s world is suddenly filled with questions surrounding Jerome’s death. Was his brother innocent, or was he the victim of a racial hate crime? Or is the truth more complex, falling somewhere in the middle? Internalizing his survivor’s guilt while reflecting on his strained relationship with Jerome, Jason’s quest for truth and justice is tainted as he discovers there are no simple answers.

Inspired by the 2004 death of seventeen-year-old Jeffrey Reodica by a plain-clothes police officer in Toronto, The Making of St. Jerome is a poignant look at the aftermath of a teenager’s untimely death, the media’s role in the truth, and one family’s attempt to reconcile a haunting reality.

About the Playwright

Marie Beath Badian is a Toronto-based playwright, performer, director, and arts educator. Her other plays include Prairie Nurse, Mind Over Matter, and Novena. Her radio work includes Yellow Rubber Boots (CBC Outfront) and an adaption of Novena (CBC Radio – The Drama of Immigration). Marie Beath has been playwright-in-residence at fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company and Project: Humanity. She is based in Toronto.

$17.95 | 128 pages

The Making of St. Jerome is now available in print and ebook through Playwrights Canada Press

To purchase The Making of St. Jerome, click here.

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