It’s Our Second Anniversary!

Photo by Anssi Koskinen / CC-by-2.0

Two years ago today, we launched Intermission.

Since then, we’ve been lucky enough to publish work by writers like Kim SolgaHolger Syme, Anita Majumdar, and Amanda Parris. We’ve published artist-on-artist profiles like Christine Horne writing about Tom Rooney, Bahia Watson writing about Weyni Mengesha, and Allegra Fulton writing about Jon Kaplan. We’ve interviewed Yvette Nolan, Sara Topham, and Kevin Drew. Artists have written essays about everything from opening up about mental health treatment to being exhausted by having to talk about their race to falling in love to deciding to use a pay-what-you-can ticket structure to tips on how not to be a douchenozzle. We’ve started posting more casting announcements and other theatre news in addition to our theatre listings and review roundup. We also started a recipe column and a podcast.

As we move into our third year, we’re excited to take on a new project: publishing plays. As of today, we’re accepting submissions of scenes from full plays, as well as short plays. We’re excited to bring on playwright and librettist Kevin Michael Shea to head the project. On top of writing the books and additional lyrics for A Misfortune (2014 Next Stage Theatre Festival/2017 Charlottetown Festival) and the book for Hero & Leander (shortlisted for the RBC Tarragon Under 30 Playwriting Competition), Kevin is a lovely human being who has a sharp editorial eye and will bring experience and enthusiasm to the role. Check out the guidelines for play submission here.

As always, thanks for reading. We’re looking forward to another year of publishing!