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Openings & Closings – Week of November 20

/ Nov 20, 2017


These are the shows that are opening the week of November 20, 2017.


CAKE, Theatre Passe Muraille

“A man earns. However little, however nefariously, he earns.” Oba is holding on to the last threads of his old life and is determined to maintain what he can by any means necessary. Part of the 54ology, playwright St. Bernard’s commitment to create one performance work drawn from each country in Africa. The show is written in reference to Niger’s uranium mining.

At Theatre Passe Muraille, closes December 3


OLEANNA, theatre penumbra

A seething investigation of power, political correctness, and sexual harassment. David Mamet’s dual-character play focuses on Carol, a student and John, her professor. Over the course of three encounters, Mamet begs the audience to question what it means to be right or wrong.

At the Red Sandcastle Theatre, closes December 3


A&R ANGELS, Crow’s Theatre

Straddling our world and the afterlife, Loud Angel and Soft Angel have been pulling people back from the brink with their music for decades. But times have changed. Their tunes just aren’t connecting like they used to, their numbers are down, and the universe is out of balance. Have they lost their touch? Or is something else going on?

At Crow’s Theatre, closes December 9


UNHOLY, Nightwood Theatre

Four female panellists—a progressive Muslim lawyer, an Orthodox Jewish spiritual leader, an excommunicated Catholic nun, and a lesbian atheist pundit—face off in a wild, whip-smart public debate about religion and misogyny, posing the loaded question “Should women abandon religion?” Read from playwright Diane Flacks about her mistrust of religion here.

At Buddies in Bad Times, closes December 10


These are the shows that are closing the week of November 20, 2017.


5 GUYS CHILLIN, Theatre Topikos

With more gay men falling into addiction, and an increase in incidents of chemsex-related crime, this taut, sexy, and unflinching verbatim drama—using the real words of real guys found on Grindr—has never been more urgent. A state-of-the-nation play addressing one of the most important public health crises of the 21st century.

At Kensington Hall

WEESAGEECHAK BEGINS TO DANCE 30, Native Earth Performing Arts

An annual festival of Indigenous works. Read playwright Frances Koncan on the Weesaageechak Festival, being an emerging artist, and her crush on Drew Hayden Taylor.

At the Aki Studio, Daniels Spectrum


DISGRACED, Mirvish Productions

A New York dinner party. A shattering cultural collision. When discussion turns to politics and religion, the match is lit on a combustible powder keg of identity politics.

At the Panasonic Theatre

DUBLIN CAROL, Fly on the Wall Theatre

Dublin undertaker John Plunkett is a man haunted by his past that he would sooner forget. It’s the morning of Christmas Eve and he’s back in his office with his new assistant after overseeing an early morning funeral. An unexpected visit from his estranged daughter throws his daily routine into turmoil.

At Artscape Youngplace

MY NAME IS ASHER LEV, Harold Green Jewish Theatre/Studio 180

A young Jewish artist is torn between his Hasidic upbringing and his desperate need to fulfill his creative promise. As his genius threatens to destroy his relationship with his parents and community, he must make a difficult choice between art and faith. Read Jonas Chernick reflect on what it’s like to take on roles that have negative repercussions.

At the Greenwin Theatre, Toronto Centre for the Arts


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