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An open letter to lighting designers

At a time when theatres are struggling to get their pre-pandemic audiences back, it’s shocking that strobe lights are still featured in many productions. They might seem like a splashy yet innocuous design choice, but they are at best a barrier for potential audience members — and, at worst, they have painful consequences.

By Hannah Foulger / Dec 27, 2023
Alex Bulmer (left) and Alexia Vassos (right) stand glancing at each other slightly - Vassos looks over her left shoulder, her right arm outstretched as though leaning on a wall. Blumer ears dark glasses. Behind them is a faded image of Christine Horne in front of a tree which is only faintly visible. Translucent bark appears through the image, giving Horne a tree-like quality. iPhoto caption: (left to right) Alex Bulmer, Christine Horne, and Alexia Vassos in Richard Three. Original images by Mike McPhaden.

‘Two Perspectives on Disability’: In Conversation with Richard Three at Shakespeare in the Ruff

“There’s a need for [Richard Three] because there’s so little work in this country that centres two disabled people at its core," Bulmer said.

By Alethea Bakogeorge / Aug 10, 2023

Have Gig-Based Theatre Careers Ever Been Accessible?

"Success in theatre requires drive, meaning no real rest takes place, because if February is low on work, I don’t know if March will also be quiet — too quiet to pay rent."

By Ariel / Jun 28, 2023

REVIEW: Perceptual Archaeology (Or How to Travel Blind) at Fire and Rescue Team/Crow’s Theatre

Thrillingly, Perceptual Archaeology (Or How to Travel Blind) develops a lush network of the stories, encounters, senses, and words which have shaped Bulmer into the gifted artist she is today.

By Aisling Murphy / Jun 11, 2023