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Adam Paolozza

REVIEW: Italian Mime Suicide at The Theatre Centre/Bad New Days

Toronto's newest Suicide Squad has brought us a wacky and well-executed good time.

By Aisling Murphy / Apr 24, 2022

What I Wish I’d Known: Adam Paolozza

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right, you can always make another show.

By Graham Isador / Feb 1, 2019

Mother’s Day Memories, Expectations, and Canadian Idle

I keep suddenly falling asleep on dead bodies lately. I think may have necrolepsy.

By Tony Nappo / May 16, 2017
Intermission Pay What You Want iPhoto caption: Viktor Lukawski and Adam Paolozza in Italian Mime Suicide // Three Red Days. Photo by John Gundy.

Capital (and Toronto Theatre) in the 21st Century

I'm tired of living in a city that is so expensive.

By Adam Paolozza / Oct 16, 2016