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All's Well That Ends Well

REVIEW: All’s Well That Ends Well at Stratford Festival

Director Scott Wentworth has moulded the Bard’s tale of fuckboys and fairytale logic into an appealing product.

By Aisling Murphy / Aug 2, 2022
iPhoto caption: Photo by Gregory Lee.

All the Little Worlds: Reflections on Directing with Martha Henry, Diana Leblanc, and Marti Maraden – Part 2

Martha never thought she would be a director. As far as experience had taught her, directors were men. There were a few female directors that she was aware of, but it wasn’t the norm [...] Directing jobs at The Grand and Tarragon followed, and Martha felt she always had to get over the initial hurdle of colleagues accustomed to only working with a male director. Technicians made fun of her if she asked what they felt was a stupid question, or ignored her if the question was smart

By Christine Horne / Dec 19, 2019
iPhoto caption: Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann

The Torontonian

I am neither a big-city boy nor a GTA commuter but another artist wacko from a hipster multicultural neighbourhood.

By Kaleb Alexander / Aug 1, 2016