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Anton Chekhov

Season Announcement: Soulpepper January – August 2020

"Each of these plays, in their own kind of place, have shown something new. Each in their own time and each in their own way has shown us something new about what theatre can do."

By Mariam Ahmed / Sep 24, 2019

Finding Home in Art

"It may be over a hundred years ago when The Cherry Orchard was written and first performed, but there is nothing about it that is passé."

By Bailey Green / Mar 21, 2019
iPhoto caption: Richard Willis and Rena Polley in ”I take your hand in mine...” Photo by Miriana Mitrovich

Chekhov, Words, and the Long-Distance Relationship

Actors and writers use words, treasure words, mould words. Words are the clay of their art.

By Richard Willis / Apr 6, 2017

Spotlight: Diego Matamoros

Embrace everything, cling to nothing, stay curious, always be connected: these seem to be the dictums guiding Matamoros’ artistic choices for close to five decades.

By Catherine Kustanczy, Photo by Robert Harding / Mar 30, 2016