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REVIEW: Other People at Canadian Stage

Daniel Brooks’ solo performance is an incredible achievement of presence.

By Aisling Murphy, , Karen Fricker / Mar 26, 2022

Audition Accents, MacGyver, and The Facebook Gods

The success of Crow's Theatre’s excellent production of The Flick, clocking in at around three hours, provoked this next thought – I have never heard anyone ever say, about any show, in my entire life, NOT EVER – “I don’t think it was long enough.”

By Tony Nappo / Nov 12, 2019

Don Knotts, Dad’s Cane, and Understudying Myself

If Don Knotts had ever become the head of a Mafia family during his lifetime, it wouldn’t have affected the way people addressed him at all.

By Tony Nappo / Aug 27, 2019

That Night in Toronto

The first line of The Hip’s new album, Man Machine Poem, is, “I’m a man. I do what I can.” Not a superhero after all. Just a man. As vulnerable and frail as the rest of us.

By Ari Cohen / Aug 23, 2016