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iPhoto caption: Original photo by Andrew Scanlon.

6 in the Six: The Problem with “The Show Must Go On”

The resources available to us and the awareness we have about public services feel meagre and insufficient.

By Nathan Carroll / May 30, 2022
iPhoto caption: Photo by Fumigraphik/CC-by-NC-ND-2.0

6 in the Six: Confessions from Theatre School

These boundaries are unique in every situation... But I was nineteen, without boundaries yet. And my sense of self was easily shaken.

By Megan Robinson / Apr 29, 2022

notes on the midway

change is unbearably slow, that is the agonizing sincerity of it.

By Bahia Watson / Nov 9, 2020

Texting Advice, Time’s Person of the Year, and #AfterMeToo

Still waiting for someone to accuse Eddie Murphy of something so we can all stop pretending that Delirious and Raw are still funny.

By Tony Nappo / Nov 28, 2017