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Claire Burns

Review: The Chance

The pacing and interplay is razor sharp. Scenes are beautifully compact, without one extraneous move.

By Lynn Slotkin / Oct 25, 2017

IndieUnite: Storefront’s Next Chapter

“This is not a time for us to be upset or dejected. This happens to theatre companies all the time. This is an opportunity for evolution.” – Benjamin Blais

By May Antaki / Jan 5, 2017
Intermission The Numbers Game iPhoto caption: Ngabo Nabea, Ucal Shillingford, and Karine Ricard in The Numbers Game. Photo by John Gundy.

Binge-Worthy Theatre

The scope of theatre in Toronto is greater than we give it credit for when we’re in our cups, tipsy, and bitching. But it’s when you’re at that place (cups, tipsy, bitching, etc.) that you can get to the heart of what you wish you’d seen.

By Emma Mackenzie Hillier, and James Schultz / Oct 20, 2016

Feeling for the Edge: The Artist’s Odyssey to the Frontier

If someone tells me that a play is “edgy” I usually have to fight the urge to roll my eyes.

By Gabriella Colavecchio / Jul 21, 2016