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Re-Discovering Wonder: In Conversation with Fiona Sauder & Matt Pilipiak

There are children who are going to leave this show and realize that all you need to shrink or grow are a couple of chairs.

By Jessica Watson / Dec 9, 2022

“I Do That Too!” A Period Piece

Folks are coming back again and again... regardless of gender or experience, people are eager to listen to stories and talk about periods.

By Monica Bradford-Lea, , Lauren Welchner / Jun 13, 2022
iPhoto caption: Century Song. Photo by John Lauener

Sing Your Secrets

I had spent most of my life singing as a white person. If I was performing in a Mozart opera, I would pretend I was the white person who would have been that character. Everything was two steps removed from me.

By Neema Bickersteth / Apr 21, 2017

Learning from Lear

“Whenever we do disagree and negotiate, we’re able to do that in a way where things don’t just die.”

By May Antaki / Apr 5, 2017