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iPhoto caption: Chris Abraham, Artistic Director, and Sherrie Johnson, Executive Director, lead the team at Crow's Theatre. IMAGE: Crow's Theatre/Intermission.

In Caw-nversation with Crow’s Theatre’s Chris Abraham and Sherrie Johnson

We sat down — over Zoom, of course — with Artistic Director Chris Abraham and Executive Director Sherrie Johnson to chat all things Crow’s: where the company’s been, where it is now, and where it’s heading as the world makes sense of yet another new normal.

By Aisling Murphy / Oct 1, 2021

John Mulaney, Getting Old, and Serious Concerns

I don't have answers. Just a lot of serious fucking concerns.

By Tony Nappo / Sep 28, 2021
A photograph of Jordan Tannahill in front of a Wikipedia screenshot describing The Hum. There are red lines across the Wikipedia text, reminiscent of those on The Listeners' front cover. iPhoto caption: In Conversation with Jordan Tannahill. Composite image by Aisling Murphy.

When the Playwright Goes Prose: In Conversation with Jordan Tannahill

The Listeners is not a cult narrative, or a Stephen King-wannabe, or a Lolita aftershock — Tannahill’s second novel is a triumph all its own, posing urgent (and at times beautiful) questions against a distressing context of disinformation.

By Aisling Murphy / Sep 4, 2021

Inside the Triumph of the 2021 Toronto Fringe

“We’re coming back. We’re coming back stronger.”

By Aisling Murphy / Jul 21, 2021