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Stunt Casting, Emotional Availability, and Top 5 Pho Restaurants

Sean Morley Dixon may be a genius and brilliant playwright but I have finally discovered his weak spot.

By Tony Nappo / May 30, 2017

She Cries

There are hundreds of human reactions to being devastated, enraged, and overstimulated. I’d love to be surprised by one of them rather than greeted by familiar waterworks.

By Lauren Holfeuer / Mar 3, 2017
iPhoto caption: The Fall of the Berlin Wall by Daniel Antal / CC BY 2.0

Ms. Barrie, Tear Down This Wall (Or: Why I Listened to Ronald Reagan)

I equate hearing an early draft of a play to getting out of a shower that was far too cold with a towel that is far too small. And a crowd has gathered in your bathroom. And everyone is ready to offer their opinion.

By Eva Barrie / Nov 8, 2016