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iPhoto caption: left to right: Alex Bulmer of May I Take Your Arm?, photographed by Peter Riddihough, and Travis Knights of Ephemeral Artifacts, photographed by Eamon Mac Mahon.

Theatre Passe Muraille Asks: “How Do We Connect”?

A figure dancing across a historic building. A multi-sensory experience to navigate within your own home. Theatre Passe Muraille presents two unconventional, collaborative pieces that ask audiences, “How do we connect”?

By Jessica Watson / Jun 1, 2021

Intermission’s Most Popular Articles of All Time

Here at Intermission we strongly believe that providing a platform for theatre artists to elaborate on the ideas behind the work they are making is important to establish a dialogue with...

Apr 5, 2020
iPhoto caption: "Posture Class for Girls at Barnard College," photo by Walter Sanders, New York 1954

Remember to Breathe

When an actor receives news that they have an audition, two reactions usually occur: “YAY!” and “FUCK!”

By Rae Ellen Bodie / Sep 6, 2016

The Pursuit of Balance

Weightlifting is my refuge from the uncertainty and rollercoaster that is dance and choreography.

By Patricia Allison / Jul 1, 2016