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(left to right) Jamie Robinson in a black t-shirt (photographed by John Bregar) and Walter Borden in a velvet jacket, lilac shirt and dotted cravat (photographed by Michael Meehan) smile towards the camera. The two men's headshots are superimposed over a poster for (Re)Casting Shakespeare in Canada: A Symposium. An image of Shakespeare's face is partially obscured by strips of red and yellow paper, as well as strands of white paper bearing classical text. iPhoto caption: (left to right) Jamie Robinson (original photo by John Bregar) and Walter Borden (original photo by Michael Meehan)

(Re)Casting the Shakespearean Mold: In Conversation with Jamie Robinson and Walter Borden

This is the heart of what (Re)Casting Shakespeare is about: examining how casting can influence the audience’s interpretation of the story.

By Jessica Watson / Apr 30, 2023

tell ’em how you really feel

i decided that i am not inconsequential; that the world needs me, that it needs me to express my point of view with as much brave precision as possible.

By Bahia Watson / Feb 4, 2021
iPhoto caption: (clockwise from top left) Evander Jack Dewar, Gareth Finnigan, and Dustin Sedore (inset) in rehearsal for David Yee's good white men; Alison Adams, Katelyn Doyle, and Sam Cranston in rehearsal for Karen Hines' The River of Forgetfulness; Bethany Joy Radford and Marissa Rasmussen in rehearsal for Elena Eli Belyea's The Jubilant; Sam Cranston in rehearsal for Karen Hines' The River of Forgetfulness. Photos by Sébastien Heins, Kristen Siapas, and Kaelee Brassard-Welch.

Hope Springs Eternal in The Stream You Step In

On a Zoom call that confirmed our students’ worst fears for their final year, I was there to provide a glimmer of hope: a partnership with Outside the March to commission original digital plays for our graduating class.

By Michelle MacArthur / Nov 6, 2020

Intermission’s Most Popular Articles of All Time

Here at Intermission we strongly believe that providing a platform for theatre artists to elaborate on the ideas behind the work they are making is important to establish a dialogue with...

Apr 5, 2020