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REVIEW: The Art of Silence at Hot Docs Festival

Every second, every frame of the 88-minute film has been deliberately curated to honour its subject and his work.

By Jessica Watson / May 1, 2022

Bingo Halls, Beatles Documentaries, and Land Acknowledgments

So glad to hear that poor-ass, backwoods, racist motherfuckers — who are dumb enough to actually film themselves in the act — still aren’t allowed to murder innocent people of colour in the United States. So there's that, at least.

By Tony Nappo / Dec 7, 2021
iPhoto caption: Mary Francis Moore and Raïs Muoi in Refuge. Photo by John Lauener.

The Role of the Actorvist

I feel the need to respond to the urgency of humanitarian issues. But a friend recently cut ties with me after I expressed what I call "front-line activist fatigue."

By Raïs Muoi / May 5, 2016