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emerging actors

iPhoto caption: Humanoid. Photo by Kevin Dong

Forever Emerging

If my art has plateaued—if I have plateaued, if I never become professional—how do I move forward?

By Mike Czuba / Apr 30, 2018
iPhoto caption: Earth Song at Weesageechak 28. Photo by Brittany Ryan

Ready to Emerge: Thoughts from a Not-Yet-Established Artist

Let me tell you the cold, hard truth: I am ready to EMERGE. I was born ready.

By Frances Koncan / Nov 10, 2017

Bad Blood Reviews, Porter Flights, and North Bay Christmases

When the film Angel Falls wraps this month, there will have officially been more Christmas movies filmed in North Bay than they have had actual Christmases.

By Tony Nappo / Sep 26, 2017