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family-friendly theatre

The World Premiere of Chris Hadfield’s The Darkest Dark Takes Flight at YPT

The Darkest Dark's innovative blend of theatre, multi-media and magic invites audiences into a universe where the dark is more than it seems.

By Jessica Watson / Jan 17, 2023

REVIEW: Alice in Wonderland at Bad Hats Theatre/Soulpepper

Alice in Wonderland, the second installation in Bad Hats' trilogy of plays, not only met my expectations: it far surpassed them.

By Jessica Watson / Dec 20, 2022

Re-Discovering Wonder: In Conversation with Fiona Sauder & Matt Pilipiak

There are children who are going to leave this show and realize that all you need to shrink or grow are a couple of chairs.

By Jessica Watson / Dec 9, 2022