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Governor General's Awards

iPhoto caption: Original photo by Alick Tsui.

REVIEW: Crippled at Theatre Passe Muraille/#beyondTO

It’s an exploration of death, life, and redemption: but above all else, Crippled is a powerful love story.

By Jessica Watson / May 14, 2022

Essential Work

The live performance of Quiver seems a distant memory, a relic of the less suffocating weeks of COVID-19 restrictions. Almost like a miracle, Quiver was performed in the brief moment of time when it was possible.

By Anna Chatterton / Feb 10, 2021

Spotlight: Alan Dilworth

Alan Dilworth is on a journey. An educator who became an actor who became a writer who became a director who became an artistic director, he articulates his relationship to theatre as one of continual discovery.

Written by Karen Fricker, Photography by Dahlia Katz / Feb 25, 2020

From Inspiration to Creation

Night is not an absence, not a time-out, but a rich, enchanting world that can offer us so much more than we know.

By Paula Citron / Mar 1, 2019