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Hillar Liitoja

2023 in review at Intermission Magazine

It’s been one heck of a year at Intermission. After founding and leading the publication for seven years, including steering it through the pandemic, Philip Riccio decided it was time...

By Aisling Murphy, , Intermission Magazine / Dec 31, 2023

Director Hillar Liitoja was ‘pathologically uncompromising’ in his pursuit of great art

His creations brought together all the joy and terror and beauty and chaos of being alive.

By Chris Dupuis / Sep 19, 2023
iPhoto caption: Ravi Jain

Spotlight: Ravi Jain

“If you don’t embrace fear and risk getting it wrong, you’ll never find something new, something inventive, something beautiful.”

By May Antaki, Photography by Dahlia Katz / Apr 28, 2016