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iPhoto caption: Photo of Brendan Healy by Dahlia Katz.

In Canadian Stage’s latest project, Brendan Healy ponders his own queer inheritance

“So much of the conversation around AIDS is around absence and what we lost,” says Canadian Stage artistic director Brendan Healy. “But we haven’t lost everybody. There are survivors and there are people who are living with HIV, thriving. [The Inheritance] is a space for an audience, for a society, to just be with presence.” 

By Nathaniel Hanula-James / Feb 17, 2024

The Supine Cobbler is an abortion play that ‘negotiates integrity in a lawless world’ at GCTC

“This play is really interesting, because whatever you think it is, it's not going to be that," says actor Maryse Fernandes.

By Eve Beauchamp / Sep 18, 2023

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre Reveals Their 45th Anniversary Season

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre is celebrating with a season that showcases both epic queer stories from history and innovative new works from a diverse roster of artists.

By Jessica Watson / Aug 1, 2023
Rodney Diverlus (left) and Jera Wolfe (right) in Private Flowers. Diverlus wears dark sunglasses and a red military jacket over a bare chest. He has short-cropped black hair. Wolfe has long, straight brown hair, and wears a similar jacket in white. iPhoto caption: Rodney Diverlus (left) and Jera Wolfe (right) in Private Flowers.

Private Flowers at the Fort York National Historic Site/Toronto History Museums Artist Mentorship Showcase

Private Flowers presents you with an opportunity to reflect on Canadian history from a different lens, one that centralizes passion, expression, and love.

By Aisha Lesley Bentham / Jul 2, 2023