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Theatre These Days

It felt liberating. To stop trying to adapt. To just let go. But, of course, it also feels like a betrayal.

By Sarah Segal-Lazar / Jan 28, 2021

Entitlement, Endurance, and Enjoying Morons

Sometimes I really really really enjoy watching fucking morons try to be clever on social media. They’re kinda cute. Like watching fawns trying to walk for the first time.

By Tony Nappo / May 19, 2020

COVID Conspiracies, Karate Kid, and Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is rumoured to be planning to play Joe Exotic in a Tiger King feature film because, apparently, he found one single spot in the coffin of his career that didn’t have a nail in it yet.

By Tony Nappo / May 12, 2020

Jell-o, Mrs. America, and Semi-Automatic Assault Ovens

I decided to start counting my steps, just out of curiosity. I know it’s not a competition and I honestly am not trying to brag or intimidate anyone, but I came pretty damned close to breaking 100 steps this week.

By Tony Nappo / May 5, 2020