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iPhoto caption: Photo by Michael Cooper

REVIEW: Tosca and Macbeth at Canadian Opera Company

Be it the lush and extravagant production of Tosca or the brooding and eerie production of Macbeth, both operas capture the spirit of romantic opera to delight audiences.

By Stephen Low / May 15, 2023

Nappoholics Gems to Tide You Over Until the New Year

Watch exclusive footage of what happens at a Nappoholics Anonymous meeting and revisit Nappo’s best musings in this roundup of the theatre world’s greatest column.

By Tony Nappo / Dec 21, 2016

The Most Popular Intermission Articles of 2016

These are the ten most popular articles we published this year—plus a few others you should check out.

Dec 19, 2016

Audition Breakdowns, Bad Luck, and a Trump Presidency

Never pay any attention to the physical description in an audition breakdown.

By Tony Nappo / Nov 9, 2016