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Sitting in the Dark

The pamphlet showed a young contemporary James Dean–style figure, leaning on a wall in a cool, loitering pose next to an electric guitar. It read: “Christ Embassy Church: God believes in YOU!”

By Will Greenblatt, Illustration By Kris Noelle / Feb 24, 2017

Virtual Reality and the Future of Theatre

Have you ever asked an artist for archival footage of their show? They usually say, “No, it’s terrible. Nothing like being there.”

By Sébastien Heins / Dec 13, 2016
iPhoto caption: Cast of Swan. Photo by Jordan Laffrenier

8.5 Thoughts About 8 Plays in 8 Months

By beer seven, this seemed like an amazing idea. Fucking foolproof.

By Aaron Jan / Nov 3, 2016