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Midsummer Night's Dream

iPhoto caption: Photo by Henry Chan Jr.

REVIEW: We Quit Theatre challenges existing narratives in its exploration of autofiction

The opposite of “quiet quitting,” this collection makes a joyful noise — and I don’t think anyone would want its creators to resign.

By Ilana Lucas / Feb 5, 2024
iPhoto caption: Dream in High Park returns for its 40th anniversary season. Photo by Dahlia Katz.

Announcing the Cast for Dream in High Park’s 40th Anniversary Production

Dream in High Park is back — and commemorating a major milestone in its production history.

By Aisling Murphy / Jun 13, 2023

Intermission: What We’re Looking Forward to In 2020

The editorial team, as well as some of our frequent collaborators, discuss some of their most anticipated productions and projects for 2020.

Dec 20, 2019