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Mike Ross

REVIEW: Soulpepper’s rousing De Profundis vibrates with emotion and unpredictability

De Profundis: Oscar Wilde in Jail uses its source as starting block, not finish line. It plunders Wilde’s prose for its riches and sprints with them, never looking back.

By Liam Donovan / Feb 13, 2024
Three musicians stand on stage, passionately performing a musical number. One holds a microphone, singing, another plucks a stand-up bass, and the third is leaning back, clutching his chest as he sings to the sky. Behind them is a projected backdrop of overlapping blue and purple circles, creating an ethereal effect. The image is set on top of a larger but fainter version of the same image, creating dynamic layers. iPhoto caption: (left to right) Divine Brown, Travis Knights and Beau Dixon perform as part of the new Slaight Music Associates.

REVIEW: The Golden Record at Soulpepper

Whether you’re a history lover, a music enthusiast or a theatre nut, The Golden Record will transport you to another planet.

By Jessica Watson / Nov 14, 2022

What to Expect at… Soulpepper

Every week, Intermission's Insider Intel articles one theatre across the city, highlighting everything you need to know before your visit. This week: Soulpepper!

By Mariam Ahmed / Jan 24, 2020

2019 In Photos: Best of Dahlia Katz

Freelance professional and Intermission resident photographer Dahlia Katz always keeps our Spotlight series looking sharp. Let's look back on some of her best shots from 2019.

Dec 18, 2019