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Necessary Angel Theatre Company

Production photo of Necessary Angel's 'Letters From Max, a ritual' at The Theatre Centre iPhoto caption: Photo by Dahlia Katz

REVIEW: Letters From Intermission, a ritual

On opening night of Letters From Max at The Theatre Centre, as we took in Maev Beaty and Jesse LaVercombe, and their bodies, and their voices, so close we could hear each breath and spot the flying spittle, I found myself drafting this letter.

By Aisling Murphy, , Liam Donovan / Nov 20, 2023

Necessary Angel releases trailer for Letters From Max, a ritual

Necessary Angel has released a trailer for its upcoming production of Sarah Ruhl’s Letters From Max, a ritual at The Theatre Centre.

By Liam Donovan / Oct 30, 2023

“Retribution without Apology”: In Conversation with Is God Is Assistant Director daniel jelani ellis

"The centre of this piece is not the pain and the suffering and the trauma. It's the transformation of that: a full expression of rage."

By Jordy Kieto / May 5, 2022

Spotlight: Alan Dilworth

Alan Dilworth is on a journey. An educator who became an actor who became a writer who became a director who became an artistic director, he articulates his relationship to theatre as one of continual discovery.

Written by Karen Fricker, Photography by Dahlia Katz / Feb 25, 2020