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REVIEW: Give ‘Em Hell is a fast-talking window into a tenacious teen protest in Peterborough

Give 'Em Hell questions the fairness of ignoring the generation who will be the most affected by decisions made about them.

By Ilana Lucas / Sep 21, 2023
Jeremy Smith sits atop a massive volume of Shakespeare's completed works. He wears a yoda t-shirt with a green button-down, jeans, and red Converse sneakers. His arm is raised as though speaking dramtically. Around him is a cluttered stage: books, figurines, a chartreuse velvet iPhoto caption: Jeremy Smith and Tom Lillington in Driftwood Theatre's Living With Shakespeare. Original image by Dahlia Katz.

REVIEW: Living With Shakespeare at Driftwood Theatre

Living With Shakespeare is a deeply intimate exploration of Smith’s life and work, using Shakespeare’s words to bring to life some of his most personal, exciting, and challenging experiences.

By Jessica Watson / Aug 24, 2023