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Interdependent (And Published!) Magic: In Conversation with Jessica Watkin

This isn’t necessarily an anthology you can bring into a classroom to read together. It’s not Hamlet, and it’s not George F. Walker.

By Aisling Murphy / Apr 14, 2022

Sarah Kane’s Been Dead For 23 Years. I Still Don’t Know How to Thank Her.

My letters to you are a once-a-year digestif, an acknowledgment of gratitude, of lineage, of love.

By Aisling Murphy / Feb 21, 2022

Hot Off the Press: Up the Garden Path &

The Adventures of the Black Girl In Her Search for God

Playwright Lisa Codrington does not consider herself a thrill seeker.

interview by Megan Robinson / Dec 14, 2017

Hot Off the Press: 1979

1979 is a fast-paced political comedy from Michael Healey, which examines the space between ideals and political reality during a monumental moment in Prime Minister Joe Clark’s career.

Apr 5, 2017