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REVIEW: Just like Luke Reece’s life story, As I Must Live It is open-ended

In his 90-minute spoken-word solo show, Recce reaches who he needs to reach, offering a piece full of complexity and nostalgia.

By Eleanor Yuneun Park / Feb 23, 2024

Renting Cars, Remembering Manson, and Knowing Your Worth

To me, a Leaf Fan cheering for the Habs is like someone cheating on a spouse or partner with their spouse or partner’s least favourite sibling.

By Tony Nappo / Jul 6, 2021

/kärt blänSH/ [noun] complete freedom to act as one wishes

welcome to carte blanche. this is a free space, let’s call it that.

By Bahia Watson / Aug 3, 2020
iPhoto caption: Sahya Samson. Photo courtesy of the performer.

Eurythmy: Connecting to the Audience through Movement

Eurythmy comes from the Greek, meaning beautiful, harmonious rhythm; the eurythmist is always searching for an ever-new awareness of space and movement.

By Sahya Samson / Feb 12, 2020