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Red Sandcastle

REVIEW: Eldritch Theatre’s The House at Poe Corner delights and disturbs

Michael O’Brien and Eric Woolfe’s mashup of Edgar Allan Poe and Winnie the Pooh is Poe-sitively droll.

By Ilana Lucas / Apr 16, 2024
iPhoto caption: Photo by Brad Vos.

REVIEW: her. at Red Sandcastle Theatre is a disquieting experiment with the solo show form

Shaw constructs a complex, three-person period piece all on her own. It’s a daring undertaking, and it occasionally pays off.

By Liam Donovan / Sep 10, 2023

REVIEW: Inge(new) at Theatre Myth Collective/Red Sandcastle Theatre

Inge(new) - In Search of a Musical sets out to tackle a lot: it’s not easy to put feminist discourse on stage in a new way.

By Asenia Lyall / May 29, 2023

Sexual Misconduct, Accidental Art, and Cool Hand(job) Luke

Saw Hannah Moscovitch’s Sexual Misconduct of the Middle Classes at the Tarragon last week, and do you know what thought never went through my head while I was watching the show?

By Tony Nappo / Jan 14, 2020