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REVIEW: Broken Shapes at the Theatre Centre/Broken Shapes Collective

A compact and artistry-laden exploration of themes that, despite plenty of abstract movement and projections, translate beautifully to the stage.

By Jessica Watson / Dec 4, 2022
iPhoto caption: Photo by Heidi Ulrichsen

6 in the Six: The Greatest Showmance

In the moment, the showmance sounds cute. But will it be worth it if (and when) it all comes crashing down and falls apart?

By Steffi DiDomenicantonio / Jul 4, 2022
iPhoto caption: Original photo by Andrew Scanlon.

6 in the Six: The Problem with “The Show Must Go On”

The resources available to us and the awareness we have about public services feel meagre and insufficient.

By Nathan Carroll / May 30, 2022

We Do Not Talk About Artist

Do we need to clarify the position of the Artist if we as the public truly want to be healed?

By Stefan Dzeparoski / May 24, 2022