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Guild Festival Theatre’s The Drowning Girls Opens in Scarborough

GFT’s final production is the multi-award-winning play The Drowning Girls, a true crime tale about three women married to and murdered by the same man.

By Jessica Watson / Aug 18, 2023
Les Roches Sur l'Eau de la Plage by Michael / (CC BY 2.0)" data-tippy-arrow="false" tabindex="0">iPhoto caption: Les Roches Sur l'Eau de la Plage by Michael / (CC BY 2.0)

Emerging Across Canada: Ontario and Quebec

Whether that was in Montreal or from mentors in Edmonton, I had this image in my mind of this terrible place where people were always mean and dreams went to die.

By Liam Salmon / Apr 18, 2019

Cues, Math, and Canadian Actor Daydreams

The wonderful actor/teacher and friend/house painter, Jeff Clarke, recently told me he had a daydream where he was sitting in a laundromat watching all of his painting tarps going around in the dryer. #AttainableCanadianActorDaydreams

By Tony Nappo / Jan 15, 2019

Christmas Movies, My Dad’s on Facebook, and Ella’s Boyfriend

My dad joined Facebook this year, and he can’t spell shit, but that doesn’t stop him from making himself heard...

By Tony Nappo / Dec 18, 2018