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solo performance

Production photos from Monster and Here Lies Henry at Factory Theatre iPhoto caption: Photos by Dahlia Katz

For Daniel MacIvor, the best theatre ‘honours and interrogates’ the moment

If you have strong opinions on Canadian solo performance, Daniel MacIvor may be to blame.

By Aisling Murphy / Nov 20, 2023
iPhoto caption: Photo by Dahlia Katz.

REVIEW: In Prophecy Fog, Jani Lauzon ceremonially reclaims the Giant Rock

We are as significant as a star and a stone. A star and a stone are as significant as us. With this logic, Lauzon breathes life into the Giant Rock and reclaims its existence and sacredness. 

By Eleanor Yuneun Park / Nov 18, 2023
Ronnie Marmo as Lenny Bruce. Marmo wears a white button-downwith aa loose black tie. His head is propped against the microphone as if in defeat. Photo by Doren Sorell. iPhoto caption: Ronnie Marmo as Lenny Bruce. Photo by Doren Sorell.

REVIEW: I’m Not A Comedian… I’m Lenny Bruce at Teatron Toronto Jewish Theatre

This version of Bruce is sharp as a knife, plunging headfirst into some of the comic’s more obscene bits, highlighting his hard-fought battle over obscenity laws and free speech, and making his first Canadian audience delightfully uncomfortable.

By Jessica Watson / Jun 24, 2023
The banner image for Intermission's review of Girls & Boys, a Here for Now Theatre production in association with Crow's Theatre. The image shows Fiona Mongillo, Here for Now's AD and the sole performer in the production, wearing a green collard jumpsuit. She stares past the camera imploringly, one hand raised in front of her as though asking an important question. iPhoto caption: Original image by Terry Manzo.

REVIEW: Girls & Boys at Here For Now Theatre/Crow’s Theatre

At its core, Girls & Boys is a story of deep loss, woven into a tale that is as beautifully told as it is brutal.

By Jessica Watson / Jan 31, 2023