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Tanisha Taitt

The curious case of the embedded critic

Intermission's senior editor Aisling Murphy reflects on her time as an embedded critic with the cast and creative team of The Exhale, a new play by Lisa Alves about polyamory, queerness¦and air conditioners.

By Aisling Murphy / Mar 22, 2024
iPhoto caption: Photo by Foreshots Photography.

REVIEW: Cahoots Theatre’s Sweeter balances sunshine and rain

Wholly, Sweeter balances the rain and the sunshine, but doesn’t necessarily contrive its characters into blind optimism. It’s a narrative that allows for darkness and grief, and declares that it is okay to not be okay.

By Andrea Perez / Dec 13, 2023

John Mulaney, Getting Old, and Serious Concerns

I don't have answers. Just a lot of serious fucking concerns.

By Tony Nappo / Sep 28, 2021

Cat’s in the Cradle and a Car Ride

These new Canadian government snitch lines are getting a little out of hand. Three cops came to my door last week and took away my World’s Greatest Lover coffee mug. I mean, that shit is fairly subjective, no?

By Tony Nappo / Jun 30, 2020