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Tara Beagan

Reckoning is a Confrontation: In Conversation with Prairie Theatre Exchange’s Jonathan Fisher and Tara Beagan

Survivor on film deepens the humanity of the central character, and how the legacy of residential schools impacts every moment of the survivor's life.

By Robyn Grant-Moran / Jun 20, 2023

‘It’s More Difficult to Forget Something that Exists on a Permanent Record’: In Conversation with Tara Beagan and Andy Moro

“We acknowledge and embrace the power of theatre and still very much feel the way it can be medicine,” says Beagan. “But also we want people who have internet access, but not access to go to live theatre, to be able to see our work. That's really our big motivator.”

By Robyn Grant-Moran / Jun 15, 2023

Tickets to Stream ARTICLE 11’s Reckoning On Sale Now through Prairie Theatre Exchange

[Reckoning] explores the human aftermath of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation hearings, and is available for streaming from June 21 to 25.

By Jessica Watson / Jun 14, 2023

Digital Production Reckoning Draws Prairie Theatre Exchange’s 50th Season to a Fiery Close

It is time for a reckoning, and it’s coming June 21st.

By Hélène Crowley / Jun 9, 2023