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The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale

Haley McGee crouches onstage behind a white pedestal. Below her is a carpet of astroturf, and other pedestals can be seen behind her, displaying a variety of objects. Her face is illuminated by the light reflecting off a mixtape in front of her. There are small orange sticky notes on her face below each eye, and she wears a white tank top and shorts, with her long brown hair pulled into a ponytail. iPhoto caption: Original image by Dahlia Katz.

REVIEW: The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale at Soulpepper/Outside the March

McGee has taken heartbreak, heartache, and a hearty dose of ennui and re-packaged it into an hour and forty minutes of pure theatrical magic.

By Jessica Watson / Oct 27, 2022

When the Playwright Goes Prose: In Conversation with Haley McGee

My process with solo shows involves sharing bits of text with audiences when I don’t really know where it’s going, or how it’s going to end. I’m pivoting myself to the responses from the audience — I sniff out where I want to go, and how I want to shape the piece. Through creating solo shows, I discovered how much I love this direct, unfettered relationship with an audience.

By Aisling Murphy / Mar 3, 2022

Season Announcement: Soulpepper January – August 2020

"Each of these plays, in their own kind of place, have shown something new. Each in their own time and each in their own way has shown us something new about what theatre can do."

By Mariam Ahmed / Sep 24, 2019