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theatre school grad

iPhoto caption: Photo by Fumigraphik/CC-by-NC-ND-2.0

6 in the Six: Confessions from Theatre School

These boundaries are unique in every situation... But I was nineteen, without boundaries yet. And my sense of self was easily shaken.

By Megan Robinson / Apr 29, 2022
iPhoto caption: Toronto actor/director/producer/writer Leighton Alexander Williams. Original photo by Lane Dorsey; edited by Jessica Watson

A Path in the Right Direction: Stepping into New Shoes as a Multifaceted Artist

At the time, the title of “Director” terrified me for many reasons—I knew that it required a lot of work to lead a production, but I wasn’t really sure what the job requirements were, especially when pulling double-duty as an actor and director.

By Leighton Alexander Williams / Mar 18, 2021

Sitting in the Dark

The pamphlet showed a young contemporary James Dean–style figure, leaning on a wall in a cool, loitering pose next to an electric guitar. It read: “Christ Embassy Church: God believes in YOU!”

By Will Greenblatt, Illustration By Kris Noelle / Feb 24, 2017