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verbatim theatre

REVIEW: Yes, Bad Roads is hard to watch – that’s the point

Bad Roads is ultimately a play about looking and listening. It’s about trying (and sometimes failing) to be a witness when the world refuses to offer easy answers. It’s certainly not a fun night at the theatre, but if you have the stomach for it, it’s one that’s worthy of your focused, active attention.

By Ryan Borochovitz / Nov 12, 2023

Dengbêj | Storyteller

Children of Fire is a story of kind women who fight generously and relentlessly for a better world.

By Anna Chatterton, , Shahrzad Arshadi / Jun 23, 2022

It’s a Beautiful Day for Brunch and to Arrest the Cops That Killed Breonna Taylor

Carly Anna Billings and Patrick Teed describe the inspiration for their upcoming Hamilton Fringe show on toxic wokeness and its implications within an anti-Black world.

By Carly Anna Billings, , Patrick Teed / Jul 13, 2021

Securing the Future

"I don't want to engage artists as mouthpieces. What would it mean to embed you in the DNA of this project?"

By Steve Fisher / Mar 4, 2019